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Why Should You a corporate personal training?

Posted by Same Pena on

People often wonder why they should join a corporate personal training. Isn’t working out at home or gym enough to maintain fitness? How do corporate personal training score over all other fitness options available? Read on to find out.

1) Success Guaranteed

First of all, at corporate personal training success is guaranteed. You will achieve your fitness goals and the body you want. This is why the corporate pt phenomenon is becoming so famous. People who are tired of working out at gyms and trying different fitness fads, workouts and diets have eventually seen results with corporate pt.

2) Personal Training

At corporate personal training, you get the supervision and guidance of the best of personal trainers only, at a fraction of the actual cost. The trainers here will see to it that you practice the exercises in the right way, so that the energy you spend in doing them is optimized. Also, under their supervision, the risk of injuries is greatly reduced. The assistance of personal trainers especially helps those with a special medical history. The expertise of the trainers comes in handy while addressing an emergency situation as well.

corporate personal training

3) Different, Challenging And Fun

Corporate personal training provides an exhilarating new experience. The monotony and boredom that sets in when working out at the gym or home isn’t felt here. Each workout is different; therefore, you will never hit a wall. The workouts are shaped such that they are challenging and motivate you to push harder and do better. You will be doing a mixture of different exercises like cardiovascular training, resistance training, turbulence training, strength training and other such exercises. The combination will address your specific fitness goals.

4) Social Factor

One thing that is strikingly different about corporate personal training is that you will be working out there with like-minded people. You will be exercising alongside your friends and fellow participants. This will inculcate healthy competition. Therefore, you will push yourself to do better and better in order to keep at par with others. Social interaction makes the workouts interactive and fun.

By joining a corporate personal training, you will achieve a fit, toned body, an alert mind an overall sense of well-being. You will sleep better at night and feel fresh during the day. The above are just a few benefits of a corporate personal training. Join it to personally experience the rest.

Women's bootcamp

Why join a women bootcamp?

Posted by Same Pena on

One of the most effective ways for a woman to stay fit is to join a women’s bootcamp. This is simply because most boot camp workouts are quite conducive to women and are designed keeping their physical framework in mind. These exercises are ideal for losing weight in a shorter span of time. Results of a workout are what appeal to most women and they need to see and feel it visually for them to be consistent in a fitness routine. While the weighing scale can measure the progress that you make, certain subtle changes are not necessarily captured with that machine. When you try on your old clothes, you may notice a slight or substantial change.

Most exercises that are involved in a typical boot camp are body weight exercises. Simple exercises such as jumping squats and abdomen crunches are quite effective. The former involves most major muscle groups in your body right from your thighs to your abdomen, core as well as arms for balance and stability. The amount of fat you burn and number of calories you spend can be multiplied by ten. Turbulence training is yet another exercise that helps in burning calories quickly and works for both men and women.

Women Bootcamp

Women’s boot camps also have other kinds of exercises that are suitable for women. The abdomen is usually a cause of worry for most women. Flabby abs and a bulging belly are problems you may want to get rid of. Some effective exercises can help in this direction. Warm up your body by jogging where you stand for about sixty seconds. Hold knees high while doing so. Bicep curls can be repeated ten times. Squat kick – outs on both sides should be done. Leg outs and jack knives are other exercises. Similarly, there are specific ones for other parts of the body as well.

Working out in a women’s boot camp, you are assured of an effective, safe and fun fitness session. Irrespective of your level of fitness, you can burn a lot of fat with the capable guidance of a Sydney Personal Trainer without any chances of injury. Fitness instructors in good and popular boot camps are highly qualified and understand the health implications of a specific workout. Obstacle courses, hiking, jump rope, cardio, strength training and circuit training are some of the workouts that are done in a typical boot camp.

Personal Training

5 Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer that you never thought of

Posted by Same Pena on

Maintaining fitness and getting back in shape may possibly be one of the toughest challenges you face. You may not have the time necessary to spend in a gym and await results that come at its own pace. This is when intervention of a personal trainer may be required. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a personal trainer is quick results. This is largely because he focuses his time and efforts on one individual at a time and takes necessary steps to assess that individual’s fitness objectives.

Besides this obvious benefit, there are other advantages of working with a personal trainer and these are detailed below.

(1)    Your personal trainer is responsible for creating a customized workout plan exclusively for you in the sole motive of improving your fitness level. An excellent benefit that you can accrue from working with a personal fitness coach is that you can keep your mind free of the kind of exercises that you need to do on a day to day basis. Your trainer will take care of these routine aspects.

Personal trainer

(2)    While improving fitness is one reason to hire a personal trainer, another even more significant reason is that your may be unaware of any injuries or medical issues that could arise when you do not have adequate fitness guidance especially on the usage of equipments and postures to follow. Safety is important.

(3)    Personal trainers make initial assessments to determine your strength, balance and flexibility. Initial assessment and evaluation of your fitness goal is the first step in drafting an appropriate fitness program comprising of resistance and cardio training. This is the reference point in tracking progress as well.

(4)    Many times it is not just sufficient to continue your workout until and unless you monitor your progress. Measurements and body fat testing are key elements if your fitness goal is to build muscle or lose fat. Periodical testing is important for determining muscle mass and body fat percentage. Internal changes can be identified.

(5)    You could possibly deviate from your goal sometimes when monotony sets in. Personal trainers will work towards making exercises and workouts fun and also ensuring that consistency is maintained from your part. You can draw energy and motivation from your coach who displays tremendous interest in helping you achieve your objective faster.

These are some of the benefits that you are likely to accrue when you hire a personal trainer.