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Kettlebell Training

Best Food To Fuel Your Kettlebell Workouts?

Posted by Same Pena on

Is your skin ugly?

Your diet may be doing you in. Here are the some ways your diet and kettlebell training may make your skin ugly.

  • Eating oily foods leads to oily skin. Avoid greasy food products and go for clean, lean foods.
  • Training with dirty kettlebells that haven’t been washed.
  • Eating foods with high pigments or certain metals can turn your skin different colors. We’re talking eating a whole lot of carrots or even some berries. Odds are if it’s a fruit or veggie that can stain your clothes, you need to try and not eat too much of it.
  • Sweating heavy during kettlebell workouts can cause your skin pores to become blocked.
  • Some foods are linked to causing acne. These can be not only greasy and oily foods, but also foods that are high in sugar.
  • Another way greasy and oily foods are affecting your skin is by making you bloated. When your skin is forced to stretch like that, it causes stretch marks over the long term.
  • Rusty kettlebell carry bacteria, be sure to use detergent to get them clean.
  • Foods that you are allergic to will also mess up your skin. Studies show that those dark circles under your eyes are linked to allergies, and food allergies can be a contributor.
  • Rashes can also be caused by foods you’re allergic to. If you can’t pinpoint that it’s food making you look that way, you may have that ugly rash forever.

bacteriaOf course you could just use a good stretch mark cream and call it a day but you need to understand that this isn’t the ideal option.

My tip for you is to join kettlebell courses that teach you these things from the get-go so you don’t have to experience these issues.

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Kettlebell Training

Maximising Your Kettlebell Training

Posted by Same Pena on

Here are some ways which would help you to gain maximum benefits from your consultation with a kettlebell personal trainer. Each personal trainer specialize in specific type of kettlebell workouts and you need to do some homework on your part to choose the best among them who would suit your expectations.

The Dangerously Fit Kettlebell Course will teach you all the fundamental movements that you’ll need with your kettlebell trainer.

Meet different Kettlebell Trainers: When you have decided to invest your money into intensive workouts or fitness camps which would help you to attain your fitness goals, take some time and fix appointments with different kettlebell personal trainers at Dangerously Fit Academy on different days or on the same day at different times. Talk to them and shortlist the trainers you feel worth investing on based on the consultation you had with them.


Do some paperwork at home: On fixing the appointment with the kettlebell Personal Trainers, it is wise to prepare a checklist at your home prior to consultation. It should comprise of your expectations on various things from the personal trainer and their fitness studio. It may range from a pleasing ambience of the studio to the experience and certification earned by the trainer. Make sure you check your trainer will have the done the personal trainer courses. Just tick through the box that satisfies your expectation. This can later be used to compare the satisfaction level you can gain by undergoing training under the various trainers. With a Fitness Australia Kettlebell Certification, you know the standard will be at a much higher level and courses that are not accredited.

Make use of notes: It is better to equip yourself with a small notebook and a pen when you go for a consultation with the kettlebell Personal Trainer during the consultation, take down notes on various important things spoken by the trainer. Duration of the workouts, suitability of the intensive workouts with your health, the ambience of the studio, friendly nature of the people over there are some of the things to be considered and to be taken down on your notes. Later, this can help you to choose the best personal trainer for you from among the many trainers you had visited.

Talk with their previous clients: It is always a good way to measure the reliability of different Personal Trainers and their specially designed workouts. Get to know the satisfaction levels of their previous and present clients with their workouts and results. You can contact them via phone or email and talk with them to get their valuable comments.

Decide the timings: When you are completely satisfied with all the above information, talk to your personal trainer and book a schedule at timings that would suit both of you. Try to stick onto the time to derive more results from the workout.