Persian Meels

What are Persian Meels?

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The closest thing you’ll find to a time machine in your living room, Persian Meels are an ancient and authentic handmade training tool used by countless martial artists around the world. A true legend from years ago when knuckled tires were more common than they are now!

Ancient warriors used the Persian war club made from wood to get ready for battle. The moves are based on attacks and parries, requiring very precise timing as training was traditionally performed music or drumbeat in order perform them properly.

The ancient Persian Club was used as a tool for warriors to get ready on the battlefield. The moves are all based around attacks and parries, requiring very precise timing due in part from training done while listening/danceing music with drums beating out rhythms.

The more challenging and intense Meel are an excellent tool for building grip, core & shoulder strength. They’re also useful to martial artists who want tremendous hold power- especially those with loose joints like shoulders or hips! The practice of doing fun steel club workouts on these hard surfaces provides great benefits in developing connective tissue tensile tissues which can help prevent injuries when practicing certain disciplines that involve combatting opponents using grappling techniques such as Aikido (which involves putting your opponent’s limbs into submission).

Persian Meels is a revolutionary fitness system that combines mind and body to create an experience like no other. By bridging the gap between strength, endurance, coordination of movement in your spine or hips with mobility for shoulders & core muscles you will find yourself more limber than ever before! Trainees also report increased agility as well difficulty focusing on any one thing at once due both mental fatigue from stimulating activity combined together physically exhausting workouts.

The craftsmanship involved in making our Persian Meels is an art form and traditional way of life. Each one takes over 100 hours to complete, using only single pieces from walnut timber long ago forfeited by ancient Iranian builders for their fine quality woodworking skills!

Kettlebell Training

Best Food To Fuel Your Kettlebell Workouts?

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Is your skin ugly?

Your diet may be doing you in. Here are the some ways your diet and kettlebell training may make your skin ugly.

  • Eating oily foods leads to oily skin. Avoid greasy food products and go for clean, lean foods.
  • Training with dirty kettlebells that haven’t been washed.
  • Eating foods with high pigments or certain metals can turn your skin different colors. We’re talking eating a whole lot of carrots or even some berries. Odds are if it’s a fruit or veggie that can stain your clothes, you need to try and not eat too much of it.
  • Sweating heavy during kettlebell workouts can cause your skin pores to become blocked.
  • Some foods are linked to causing acne. These can be not only greasy and oily foods, but also foods that are high in sugar.
  • Another way greasy and oily foods are affecting your skin is by making you bloated. When your skin is forced to stretch like that, it causes stretch marks over the long term.
  • Rusty kettlebell carry bacteria, be sure to use detergent to get them clean.
  • Foods that you are allergic to will also mess up your skin. Studies show that those dark circles under your eyes are linked to allergies, and food allergies can be a contributor.
  • Rashes can also be caused by foods you’re allergic to. If you can’t pinpoint that it’s food making you look that way, you may have that ugly rash forever.

bacteriaOf course you could just use a good stretch mark cream and call it a day but you need to understand that this isn’t the ideal option.

My tip for you is to join kettlebell courses that teach you these things from the get-go so you don’t have to experience these issues.

Check out for more ideas and training tips, Bulgarian bags are freaking awesome!

Kettlebell Training

Maximising Your Kettlebell Training

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Here are some ways which would help you to gain maximum benefits from your consultation with a kettlebell personal trainer. Each personal trainer specialize in specific type of kettlebell workouts and you need to do some homework on your part to choose the best among them who would suit your expectations.

The Dangerously Fit Kettlebell Course will teach you all the fundamental movements that you’ll need with your kettlebell trainer.

Meet different Kettlebell Trainers: When you have decided to invest your money into intensive workouts or fitness camps which would help you to attain your fitness goals, take some time and fix appointments with different kettlebell personal trainers at Dangerously Fit Academy on different days or on the same day at different times. Talk to them and shortlist the trainers you feel worth investing on based on the consultation you had with them.


Do some paperwork at home: On fixing the appointment with the kettlebell Personal Trainers, it is wise to prepare a checklist at your home prior to consultation. It should comprise of your expectations on various things from the personal trainer and their fitness studio. It may range from a pleasing ambience of the studio to the experience and certification earned by the trainer. Make sure you check your trainer will have the done the personal trainer courses. Just tick through the box that satisfies your expectation. This can later be used to compare the satisfaction level you can gain by undergoing training under the various trainers. With a Fitness Australia Kettlebell Certification, you know the standard will be at a much higher level and courses that are not accredited.

Make use of notes: It is better to equip yourself with a small notebook and a pen when you go for a consultation with the kettlebell Personal Trainer during the consultation, take down notes on various important things spoken by the trainer. Duration of the workouts, suitability of the intensive workouts with your health, the ambience of the studio, friendly nature of the people over there are some of the things to be considered and to be taken down on your notes. Later, this can help you to choose the best personal trainer for you from among the many trainers you had visited.

Talk with their previous clients: It is always a good way to measure the reliability of different Personal Trainers and their specially designed workouts. Get to know the satisfaction levels of their previous and present clients with their workouts and results. You can contact them via phone or email and talk with them to get their valuable comments.

Decide the timings: When you are completely satisfied with all the above information, talk to your personal trainer and book a schedule at timings that would suit both of you. Try to stick onto the time to derive more results from the workout.

Personal Training

Choosing A Personal Trainer Course In Malta

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A Maltese personal trainer can really change the way you look for the better. This is because a personal trainer not only teaches you all about exercising but also shows you how to change your lifestyle in a positive manner. Considering the popularity of personal trainers, however a large number of amateur fitness freaks are touting themselves as pros and charging handsome fees from trusting clients for their services. This is where fitness instructor courses from reputable institutes can help you to separate the wheat from the chaff. More on certifications at!

Why Hire only Certified Trainers

If you have decided to hire a personal trainer, you will obviously want the best. While celebrity trainers are beyond the reach of many, there are many regular trainers with certifications who can help you lead a healthier life. All you have to do is check that they have the right fitness instructor courses which is a proof of their  qualifications, knowledge and experience.

Fitness Certifications Indicate Qualifications

Any kind of certification proves that the person certified has undergone some kind of training at an institute. In case of accredited personal trainers, such fitness certifications show that a particular trainer had indeed enrolled for a course in fitness training and has received his certificate after successful completion of the same. What is of significance is the name of the institute he has passed out from. So before hiring certified trainers, you should be aware of the names of all the reputable institutes and of those that fare badly. After all, there are plenty of institutes mushrooming all over but not all of them have the infrastructure or faculties to train excellent fitness instructors. Hire a trainer whose certificates show that he has completed his training from a top-notch institute and not some fly-by-night shade organization. You can depend blindly on the qualifications of such a trainer as it will be impeccable and complete.

Fitness Certifications Indicate Knowledge

Fitness training does not end with imparting physical training alone. This is because you cannot really be called healthy and fit if you feel stressed out all the time or follow a poor diet. Fitness training therefore encompasses physical training, mental de-stressing and guidance on diet and rest patterns.

Tips For Choosing A Personal Trainer Course In Malta

personal trainer

There is a complex interdependence between these and only trainers who are certified are aware of all the nuances and implications. Certified fitness trainers not only show you the right way to exercise but will also help you to de-stress through meditation and other approaches. Your trainer will also show you how to prepare a healthy diet plan that will be both affordable and enjoyable. Additionally, you will learn how to identify the right food groups and control your portions during meal times.

Fitness Certifications Indicate Experience

It is not enough for a trainer to undergo a fitness training course at the beginning of his career and then forget all about it. Trainers that refresh their knowledge periodically are best equipped to address different requirements of all clients. This is because certified trainers undergo a refresher course periodically as part of their certificate renewal process. Such a refresher course allows trainers to update their knowledge and offer their clients the best and the latest techniques and equipments to their clients.

Personal Training

The Quickest Way To Lose Weight!

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The Weight Loss Challenge – Quickest Way To Lose Weight!

weight loss

Most people are now aware that losing weight fast should be high on their priority list. This is because muscles hike up the metabolic rate, helps in burning fat faster and makes the body fitter and faster. Oh, and of course it gives your figure some oomph! However trainers say that 70% of people suffer from injuries when they try to lose fat fast at a high rate. However the best way to build muscle quickly is to ensure that your weight training regimen is right on track without any injuries.

Exercise under supervision

The top reason as to injury sustenance is bad technique. Not knowing how to do a proper weight lift, where to grip a metal bar or how much weight to use can be a serious problem. Many people mistakenly believe that they can self coach themselves but that never happens. Exercising under supervision is the only definitive way you are going to get fit without injury or muscle damage.

The logic behind this will be clear once you try and understand and the operations of the human body. Just like a well oiled machine needs a particular set of mechanisms to keep it well oiled and in good shape your body should be subjected to a set of particular moves in order to maintain it. Make sure that you do not twist your spine at awkward angles and twist limbs at odd angles.

Make sure you drink water

Did you know that consuming a lot of water actually prevents the deposition of lactic acid near your muscle fibers. This accumulation of lactic acid will cause inflammation, pain and in the long run muscle pain. Keep on sipping fluids, water and other liquids which keep your body hydrated. Maintain tissue and fluidic balance in your body otherwise you can easily get cramps and suffer from muscle pulls.

Did you know that along with water, essential elements like potassium and sodium are lost from your body when you sweat it out to build muscle fast, on the other end strength training increase testosterone production. If you are not replenishing electrolytes then you are only setting yourself up for injury.


Pay attention to your diet

If your internal strength is not high enough and bone density is not proper then there is a stronger chance of you slipping and falling. One of the basic things that you can do is to consume a diet which is rich in lean protein, calcium and phosphorus which is important to losing fat quickly. While lean protein will take care of your muscle fibers, calcium will strengthen your bones. Diet is intrinsically important if you want to build muscle fast.

Perform balance and coordination exercises

Many gym trainers advise people who want to increase their bulk by gain muscle fast to perform balance and coordination exercises in order to make their bodies injury-proof. These exercises make sure that you do not lose your balance or slip and fall while you are working out. Increase your strength by boosting your control on the body movements.

Fitness Marketing

Habits of Successful A Fitness Personal Trainer

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Personal training is a huge industry with a number of fitness instructors specializing in various fields and areas. It is important for fitness instructors to use various fitness marketing courses and techniques in order to attract new clients and sustain existing ones. To become successful in the fitness training industry, you must also possess certain traits that will help you on the path to success.


Nobody likes a personal trainer who will gossip amongst others or discuss results and workout plans of one client with other clients. It is important for you to be disciplined and dignified at all times and never indulge in personal talk. It can damage your reputation and spoil your name in the industry.

Workout yourself

People like to exercise under the guidance of a person who is fit and active. If you do not take time off for yourself and have a fit and healthy body, you cannot convince clients that you will help them achieve their health and fitness targets. Make it a point to exercise regularly and with dedication. It shows your passion for fitness and health. This is a great fitness marketing tactic.

Take notes

Personal trainers have a number of clients. In order to keep track of the progress of each client, it is important to take notes while the client works out. Take notes of the exercises they are performing, any improvements that they need to do, any ideas for new workouts, their current fitness level etc. Jotting down points helps you evaluate a client’s progress and plan for their coming sessions.

Don’t stop learning

In order to grow as a personal trainer and make a name for yourself, you must never stop the learning process. Keep yourself updated with the current industry trends, new health equipments, latest health studies etc. Visit health expos, workshops, seminars, discussions and meetings to network with other industry professionals and expand your horizons. This is a good fitness marketing technique because it helps you not only to increase your knowledge but also to network with your peers to improve business opportunities.


Be creative

A Successful personal trainer keeps some time in the day for themselves and jot down new business ideas, networking ideas, design new exercise programs, any new leads or business opportunities etc. This helps them have a collection of ideas which can be implemented for increasing business. Expanding a fitness business requires a combination of well-thought fitness marketing ideas.

Educate your clients

Good personal trainers make their clients feel special and make them feel that they are getting much more than what they are paying for the workout sessions. Instead of telling your client how to do a particular exercise, try educating them what advantages the exercise will have on various parts of the body and how various postures will help them increase fitness levels. Give them exercise and diet tips now and then. This goes a long way in retaining existing clients.

Fitness marketing courses differs from business to business. No marketing strategies are similar and work the same way for different businesses. You must be open-minded enough to try out various fitness marketing strategies and then decide which one works the best for your business.

Personal Training

Why Should You a corporate personal training?

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People often wonder why they should join a corporate personal training. Isn’t working out at home or gym enough to maintain fitness? How do corporate personal training score over all other fitness options available? Read on to find out.

1) Success Guaranteed

First of all, at corporate personal training success is guaranteed. You will achieve your fitness goals and the body you want. This is why the corporate pt phenomenon is becoming so famous. People who are tired of working out at gyms and trying different fitness fads, workouts and diets have eventually seen results with corporate pt.

2) Personal Training

At corporate personal training, you get the supervision and guidance of the best of personal trainers only, at a fraction of the actual cost. The trainers here will see to it that you practice the exercises in the right way, so that the energy you spend in doing them is optimized. Also, under their supervision, the risk of injuries is greatly reduced. The assistance of personal trainers especially helps those with a special medical history. The expertise of the trainers comes in handy while addressing an emergency situation as well.

corporate personal training

3) Different, Challenging And Fun

Corporate personal training provides an exhilarating new experience. The monotony and boredom that sets in when working out at the gym or home isn’t felt here. Each workout is different; therefore, you will never hit a wall. The workouts are shaped such that they are challenging and motivate you to push harder and do better. You will be doing a mixture of different exercises like cardiovascular training, resistance training, turbulence training, strength training and other such exercises. The combination will address your specific fitness goals.

4) Social Factor

One thing that is strikingly different about corporate personal training is that you will be working out there with like-minded people. You will be exercising alongside your friends and fellow participants. This will inculcate healthy competition. Therefore, you will push yourself to do better and better in order to keep at par with others. Social interaction makes the workouts interactive and fun.

By joining a corporate personal training, you will achieve a fit, toned body, an alert mind an overall sense of well-being. You will sleep better at night and feel fresh during the day. The above are just a few benefits of a corporate personal training. Join it to personally experience the rest.

Women's bootcamp

Why join a women bootcamp?

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One of the most effective ways for a woman to stay fit is to join a women’s bootcamp. This is simply because most boot camp workouts are quite conducive to women and are designed keeping their physical framework in mind. These exercises are ideal for losing weight in a shorter span of time. Results of a workout are what appeal to most women and they need to see and feel it visually for them to be consistent in a fitness routine. While the weighing scale can measure the progress that you make, certain subtle changes are not necessarily captured with that machine. When you try on your old clothes, you may notice a slight or substantial change.

Most exercises that are involved in a typical boot camp are body weight exercises. Simple exercises such as jumping squats and abdomen crunches are quite effective. The former involves most major muscle groups in your body right from your thighs to your abdomen, core as well as arms for balance and stability. The amount of fat you burn and number of calories you spend can be multiplied by ten. Turbulence training is yet another exercise that helps in burning calories quickly and works for both men and women.

Women Bootcamp

Women’s boot camps also have other kinds of exercises that are suitable for women. The abdomen is usually a cause of worry for most women. Flabby abs and a bulging belly are problems you may want to get rid of. Some effective exercises can help in this direction. Warm up your body by jogging where you stand for about sixty seconds. Hold knees high while doing so. Bicep curls can be repeated ten times. Squat kick – outs on both sides should be done. Leg outs and jack knives are other exercises. Similarly, there are specific ones for other parts of the body as well.

Working out in a women’s boot camp, you are assured of an effective, safe and fun fitness session. Irrespective of your level of fitness, you can burn a lot of fat with the capable guidance of a Sydney Personal Trainer without any chances of injury. Fitness instructors in good and popular boot camps are highly qualified and understand the health implications of a specific workout. Obstacle courses, hiking, jump rope, cardio, strength training and circuit training are some of the workouts that are done in a typical boot camp.

Personal Training

5 Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer that you never thought of

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Maintaining fitness and getting back in shape may possibly be one of the toughest challenges you face. You may not have the time necessary to spend in a gym and await results that come at its own pace. This is when intervention of a personal trainer may be required. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a personal trainer is quick results. This is largely because he focuses his time and efforts on one individual at a time and takes necessary steps to assess that individual’s fitness objectives.

Besides this obvious benefit, there are other advantages of working with a personal trainer and these are detailed below.

(1)    Your personal trainer is responsible for creating a customized workout plan exclusively for you in the sole motive of improving your fitness level. An excellent benefit that you can accrue from working with a personal fitness coach is that you can keep your mind free of the kind of exercises that you need to do on a day to day basis. Your trainer will take care of these routine aspects.

Personal trainer

(2)    While improving fitness is one reason to hire a personal trainer, another even more significant reason is that your may be unaware of any injuries or medical issues that could arise when you do not have adequate fitness guidance especially on the usage of equipments and postures to follow. Safety is important.

(3)    Personal trainers make initial assessments to determine your strength, balance and flexibility. Initial assessment and evaluation of your fitness goal is the first step in drafting an appropriate fitness program comprising of resistance and cardio training. This is the reference point in tracking progress as well.

(4)    Many times it is not just sufficient to continue your workout until and unless you monitor your progress. Measurements and body fat testing are key elements if your fitness goal is to build muscle or lose fat. Periodical testing is important for determining muscle mass and body fat percentage. Internal changes can be identified.

(5)    You could possibly deviate from your goal sometimes when monotony sets in. Personal trainers will work towards making exercises and workouts fun and also ensuring that consistency is maintained from your part. You can draw energy and motivation from your coach who displays tremendous interest in helping you achieve your objective faster.

These are some of the benefits that you are likely to accrue when you hire a personal trainer.