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Persian Meels

What are Persian Meels?

Posted by Same Pena on

The closest thing you’ll find to a time machine in your living room, Persian Meels are an ancient and authentic handmade training tool used by countless martial artists around the world. A true legend from years ago when knuckled tires were more common than they are now!

Ancient warriors used the Persian war club made from wood to get ready for battle. The moves are based on attacks and parries, requiring very precise timing as training was traditionally performed music or drumbeat in order perform them properly.

The ancient Persian Club was used as a tool for warriors to get ready on the battlefield. The moves are all based around attacks and parries, requiring very precise timing due in part from training done while listening/danceing music with drums beating out rhythms.

The more challenging and intense Meel are an excellent tool for building grip, core & shoulder strength. They’re also useful to martial artists who want tremendous hold power- especially those with loose joints like shoulders or hips! The practice of doing fun steel club workouts on these hard surfaces provides great benefits in developing connective tissue tensile tissues which can help prevent injuries when practicing certain disciplines that involve combatting opponents using grappling techniques such as Aikido (which involves putting your opponent’s limbs into submission).

Persian Meels is a revolutionary fitness system that combines mind and body to create an experience like no other. By bridging the gap between strength, endurance, coordination of movement in your spine or hips with mobility for shoulders & core muscles you will find yourself more limber than ever before! Trainees also report increased agility as well difficulty focusing on any one thing at once due both mental fatigue from stimulating activity combined together physically exhausting workouts.

The craftsmanship involved in making our Persian Meels is an art form and traditional way of life. Each one takes over 100 hours to complete, using only single pieces from walnut timber long ago forfeited by ancient Iranian builders for their fine quality woodworking skills!